A decentralized network for learning, working and innovation where people, ideas and value thrive. 

Enter the future

with confidence

How it works

1. Nurture

Identify your spark; gain skills from apprenticeship learning and get inspired from this creative and innovative community.  

2. Remix

Need a new perspective? Why not discuss your spark with others to gain deeper insights and fresh perspectives. 

3. Team Up

Ready to be serious? Launch or join challenges. Do what you believe and show your results to the world. 

A journey to mastery

Gain solid foundation on learning building blocks. Familiar with tools with hands-on workshop and move on mastery by understanding how masters think. 

Challenge is growth

Send a challenge invitation to yourself. It is the call to try something new. It is the strength that you can face your fear. It is the hope that I will grow no matter what. It is the laugh that things will bounce back once it reaches the bottom. It is the power of the beginner mind. 

Your spark matters

Light up your spark and inspire the community with your authentic story. You would be amazed about what you can impact the world. 

What our members has to say?

"Whenever I have an idea, I open my phone and log it in my Spark Journal. TheSparkOne motivates me to see and interact with relevant contents and people in the community. I never feel that my idea was stuck in my head or written in some paper only I knew about it. "

Miyah Myles, UX Designer

"I have certain deep domain knowledge and skills, I was able to quickly contribute and join some innovation challenges with a virtual team. I can make money by applying what I am already good at it. And I love innovating with others. "

Abdullah Hadley, MBA

"TheSparkOne helped us focus on one challenge at a time. We are finally taking my idea from  to fruit. Thank you for all supporters and followers who believe in our ideas. We are very proud of challenges we took. "

Loki Bright, Entrepreneur

Meet Project Contributors

Believe in your spark and mark the sky by one challenge at a time. 

Hui Huang

Tanaha Hairston

Kyle Wade

Sudesh Sangelkar 

Shibani Sangelkar 


Dayin He

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Our mission is to build a community where people, idea and value thrive. 

When an idea is born; 

a challenge is accomplished; 

a spark like you shines. 

You can do what you believe.

We are the spark one. 

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